Funding source

Open Academic Research is a nonprofit and non-charitable organisation. We seek funding from the members and non-members of OAR, government and non-government organisations. The funding will only be used to conduct OAR worshops (bear the student travel, food, experiment and publication related costs). In the future, we aim to establish an Open Lab: Research Training School where anyone can come and work on their research questions where the funding will be partly used.

Towards sustainability

OAR activities to generate funding for OAR:

  • Career counseling at schools and colleges
  • Interactive book publications for free-thinking
  • Vlogging

2017-18 database of our funding:

  • 100,000 INR: Siddharth Ghosh
  • 80,000 INR: Moumita Ghosh
  • 85,000 INR: Abhilash Asok
  • 80,000 INR: Pritam Pai
  • 12,500 INR: Harish Sashikumar
  • 10,000 INR: Vijeesh Vijayan
  • 5,000 INR: Subbiah Arunachalam
  • 1,000 INR: Mukulika Jana
  • 5,000 INR: Alok Shankar
  • 12,000 INR: Jayasankar Hebbali
  • 5,000 INR: Dileep Chandran
  • 5,000 INR: Vipin Padmanabhan

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