OAR #1

Kerala Edition

Open Academic Winter Research Camp #1


Winter Science Workshop #1

2017-18, Kerala

A curiosity driven research camp for free thinkers.

Register by 15th Nov 2017

  • What? Do you wonder and are curious about something?

  • Aim: Ask an interesting question and let us help you solve it or let us help you find the question. Join us with an open mind.

  • Agegroup: From High School to Master Students. Registration fees: None.

  • When? From 28th Dec 2017 to 3rd Jan 2018.

  • Where? Close to nature at Melur Village, Koyilandy, Kerala.

We seek open minded and curious participants without any gender or national restrictions. A limited number of travel assistance can be considered based on individuals' financial background. Participation includes project resources, accommodation, daily meals, and mentorships of open minded researchers coming from diverse academic backgrounds who practice science for living.

Register below:

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