Creative thinkers' representatives

Chinmay KV

Hello people, This is Chinmay.

It was a great experience as a student to work under all those organisers last time. Now, I would like to be a part of OAR as a student representative because I have a little idea about organising a workshop for eg. what are all the problems OAR had faced last time and how nicely OAR had fixed it. I want to learn the skills of organising a program as well as interact with freethinkers. I promise that I"ll follow organizers instructions throughout the program. I"ll share my wonderful experience as well as where I made a mistake while doing the project that I had in previous workshop, it will be good to rectify our problems also along with them. Its our duty to make OAR success as a student or a representative, I believe I had that potential to work. I would like to request my friends to vote me, only if you find Chinmay fits for this position. Else, I will come up with another question and work hard as a student. It will be always an enriching experience in research atmosphere to work under their guidance.

Thank you!

Sam Thomas

Dear All,

I, Sam Thomas would like to stand as a nominee for the representative of Freethinkers at the next workshop. I assure you all that I would be a helping hand in the works of OAR and be truly devoted to the work thrust upon me. I will interact with the new freethinkers and I would try my best to help them in their need as a brother. I will share my valuable experiences that I had in the first workshop and I promise that I would be honest and responsible in my duties and work for the betterment of OAR. I would like to bridge the gap between our organisers and us. Let's together make OAR the best and relish it's full potential!

So, I humbly request my fellow Freethinkers to cast their valuable votes in favour of me.