OAR #4

Post-covid Edition

Hoteliers: Request for Proposal

Researcher: Call for Mentors

Innovators: Call for Creative Thinkers

OAR #4 is back this year after a break of two years

UPDATE: Following dates are changed to March 2023 due to certain administrative process.

Please block your calendar for OAR #4 workshop

  • 2 April 2023 - 9 April 2023

  • Venue will be announced soon

We are meeting regularly to prepare for the 4th edition of OAR.

Everyone is super-excited about OAR #4 and working extremely hard to materialise the classic OAR workshop with various new additions. We are looking forward to meet a new bunch of Creative Thinkers aka CTs.

While the full workshop details are not ready, we are proud to share the preparation of the workshop here. Preparation of an OAR annual workshop spans over five to six months. This year, after a long haul due to COVID, we met once again on 2 July 2022 to start the preparation.


  • Application form published by 20 August

  • Finalising CT selection form by 30 July

  • Shortlist the funders by 6 August

  • The entire program 7 August

  • Mentors’ search start by 9 August

  • End of venue selection by 25 August

  • CT search start by 30 August

  • End of Mentor selection process by 30 September

  • Application deadline for CT search 30 September

  • End of CT selection by 30 October

  • Admin team search by 1st November

  • Admin team onboarding by 27 November

  • Due to an expected situational circustances the committee decided to postpone the workshop

  • Decision making board met on 28 December

  • Annual General Meeting was held on 31 January

  • Organising team met to decide the dates on 12 January

  • Financial team meets on 19 January

Minutes - Annual Workshop OAR #4 Preparation Meeting


OAR #4's total financial budget is INR 13,960,000 or GBP 144783. We need a lot of support from everyone to make this workshop for the curiosity-driven and necessity-driven research. Our primary aim is to empower everyone so that we do not leave anyone behind.

Any donations to OAR will be tax exempted due the Council's recognitions as a Section 8 company by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Government of India and the tax exemption licence awarded by the Income Tax Department of the Government of India. The Open Academic Research Council welcomes expression of interest for donation from outside India as we are well equipped to obtain one time Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act certificate from the authorities. Open Academic Research's UK arm the Open Academic Research UK CIC is directly welcoming any donations.


OAR #4's organisers are KV Chinmya, Dr Samit Chakrabarty, Dr Abhilash Thendiyammal, Sumantra Sen, Sajeer Muhammad, Sam Thomas, CPIE, Sagar Gosalia, Dr Moumita Ghosh, and Dr Siddharth Ghosh.