Boyle-Cronstedt Oxtrator

An open source oxygen concentrator

From unborn fetus to 28-year-old fully grown adults, Homo sapiens are not just suffering due to COVID-19 but simply dying. The ironic facts are these are happening irrespective of having the ability to pay 2.3 million INR package hospitalisation fee or being next door to the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar - one of India's premium technological universities.

We, humans, are capable of running decade long space program with solar-powered space stations and spaceships with humans on board by supplying oxygenated air in the vacuum space. The 28-year old man suffocated (passed away) due to the unavailability of a functional oxygen concentrator to be transferred to a hospital. Despite having the oxygen concentrator, a simple battery was not present to run the oxygen concentrator, and next door India's brilliant minds are busy with battery research and engineering in the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. Being a scientist, we feel like the stupidest or rather unworthy so called intelligent creature when we cannot translate our scientific achievements to societal needs.

On 4 May 2021, the Open Academic Research Group calls for an urgent meeting. Among all the points we discussed in this meeting, it was crystal clear that we need local production of the oxygen concentrator in India. The elegance of the Open Academic Research Group is when we hear a catalytic text like, 'Can we generate oxygen synthetically and save some lives?' Midhun wrote this to us on his first few days of COVID infection struggle who is also a theoretical chemist and currently in an ICU. Coincidentally, Nivedya has been working on the liquefaction of greenhouse gases since 2018, which is a way harder problem than concentrating oxygen. Nihal, another Creative Thinker of OAR who is a frugal innovator immediately responded. Thereafter, Subham brought a storm of entrepreneurial enthusiasm and lots of critical fundamental questions, which was poised by Varghese. The chain-reaction did not stop here, the cherry on the cake was when a jet engine expert, Jintu James joined the team. Jintu's decade long expertise in fluid dynamics will be crucial to increase efficiency. Samit is bringing a Bangalore-based electronics company for the controlling part, which will be led by Moumita who is an expert in control systems and microcontroller. Prof Mohan Rao is a pioneer of ultra-high vacuum in India whose precious expertise will be unparalleled to materialise an oxygen concentrator. Rituparna cracked the dissemination problem by bringing Sanhita to the team for the business developments and legal aspects [Images used are subject to cc license].

Key objectives

#AIM 1 - Provide life saving in-home palliative care with oxygen therapy for COVID-19 patients

#AIM 2 - Scalable by anyone irrespective of having advanced university degree or not

#AIM 3 - An IP free, open source, and high quality oxygen concentrator that can be scaled up by anyone without any need of licensing; a sustainable healthcare solution by advanced engineering with frugal innovations, and socioeconomic growth for India without monopolisation;

Key outcomes

#1 Spontaneous delivery of domestic oxygen therapy for respiratory diseases

#2 Meet the level support of cryogenic liquid oxygen-based supply

#3 Drastically reduce energy demand for oxygen therapy

Technical details

Boyle-Cronstedt Oxtrator - a multidisciplinary product made with straightforward physical-chemistry and advanced fluid dynamics to produce 98% oxygen at 10 liter per minute flow rate.

Rolling out phase

Research and Development Team

Nihal CV

Based in India

Subham Ghosh

Based in India

Varghese Kurian

Based in India

Midhun Georg Thomas

Based in India

Jintu James

Based in South Korea

Prof Mohan Rao

Based in India

Dr Siddharth Ghosh

Based in the UK and Netherlands

Translational team

Sagar Gosalia

Based in India

Rituparna Banerjee

Based in India

Awnish Kumar

Based in India

Dr Samit Chakrabarty

Based in the UK

Dr Siddharth Ghosh

Based in the UK and Netherlands

Somebeb Basu

Based in India


Based in India


We are looking for ISO certified third party manufacturer and distributed manufacturer in the following areas:

  • pumps

  • pneumatic valves

  • water filtering

  • battery and solar powered energy devices

  • molecular sieves