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2017-18 Kerala Edition

Blog by free-thinkers

We have received 194 applications. We wish we could accommodate all of you. We had a difficult time to select a few from them due to the limited amount of resources. All the applications were reviewed independently by a selection committee of 11 members. Applications which received positive reviews from the committee were selected and invited for the workshop. The invitations were sent by creating three waiting lists. Finally, we could only accommodate 17 candidates this time. Those free thinkers are:

Vinitha Johny

Research Interest: Earthquake detection

Why OAR: I want to define a height dependent relation for estimation of fundamental time period of a an Reinforced concrete building in a perticular area to calculate its efficiency during seismic waves .

Chinmaya KV

Research Interest: Pattern in Areca nut

Why OAR: "I want to figure out my question. This is the best stage to find it."

Subham Ghosh

Research Interest: Wave mechanics

Why OAR: "To gain experience and insight into my chosen fields, which will give me better foundations to choose between career options after 10+2level and to gain more confidence in myself and my abilities, last but not the last is to learn and know."

Raiza Rebecca Jacob

Research Interest: Fire Extinguishing

Why OAR: "I believe that my passion for Science came almost purely through my learning and experience in school.Maths and Science were always the two subjects that I found myself to be most interested in and were usually the classes I looked forward to attending.I also had some amazing teachers who persuaded me to travel down the scientific path.What I am fairly certain of,however,is that my future lies in Science.I came to know about this research camp from my department of my college.They promoted me to apply for this program as it will drive curiosity and inquisitive thinking. From the moment I heard about this workshop,I was in great excitement."

Muhammad Sabith

Research Interest: Investigating spherical coordinates

Why OAR: "First of all, I am not that much good in English. But trying hard to make it better. Please read with keep it in mind I am a +2 finished student. Fully open minded. But never a relegiuosless freethinker. I like to be a freelancer at every stage of my life. No boundaries for thoughts. Then everyone can fly to high.

Then, coming to matter I am also a victim of the poor educational system of India. It never finding gems. It only highlighting some great memory capacitive Brains. I am also a victim of the trend too which was 'Study well get pass 10th, take science in higher secondary, copy all subject to mind, achieve a great grade, join entrance coaching, become a doctor or engineer. The End😀'

I never got a exact career guidance as I needed since my lower class. I can't make a clear career goal in my 12 years of school. And that is the main fault of our education system. Not only me, same for many of students case. And you know, after I read about your organization in Manorama, I thought: At last I found someone, who is thinking same as me in academic interests. And I am wondering, how close your vision, mission are similarly to my educational career concepts and interests. I have a motto to spread anyone, who is discussing about career roads with me.. That is "job is for education, not education is for job." We want knowledge. No limit or boundaries for that. Job is never be a destination of your education life. And i heard same in your intro. It Really caught my eyes. I am really interested to join you in this movement and never going to lose this chance. I Hope i will join and I want to change. No, I am ready to change. And to change external forces in our education system."

Nihal VS

Research Interest: Accelerating Universe

Why OAR: "In hope of getting a good exposure, experience and to meet the experts in the field."

Priyanka Arun

Research Interest: Solar energy harvesting

Why OAR: "I would like to like to join OAR because I hope your organisation would give me a platform to enrich my scientific insight. I am currently doing my third year BSc physics. Except for my lab sessions in college, I didn’t get any opportunity to carry out any research activity. After going through the primary goals of OAR, I believe this program would help me get a feel of the subject and improve my thought process."

Sam Thomas

Research Interest: Detecting HIV using diffusion

Why OAR: "I am very interested in the field of Science and I would like to research in the field of Chemistry (Life Sciences). By joining this program I really do believe that it would help me to know more about the research field and will motivate my interest in this field of Science. I could also gain knowledge about the new discoveries in Science and I could also interact with many bright people in the field of Science and discuss with them about my doubts relating to certain phenomenons that I observe in the human body and in nature. This program will help me develop new ideas and this would be an asset for me, in my research career. So, I would really like to join this program."

Anupam PB

Research Interest: Removing noise from radio communication

Why OAR: "In your brochure i found that you will help explain my question."

Muhammad Sajeer P

Research Interest: Infinitely reflecting photons

Why OAR: "I hope, I can make my maximum if I join with great science enthusiastic people. Also, I can share my knowledge and experience as best paper award holder from IIT KHARAGPUR."

Varghese Kurian

Research Interest: Swapping electron and proton

Nandana Sadanandan

Research Interest: Plasmonic communication

Why OAR: "I am very much interested in Physics, and like Feynman's words "I Would Rather Have Questions That Can't Be Answered Than Answers That Can't Be Questioned.""

Asad Babu

Research Interest: Developing Novel Drone without using GPS

Why OAR: "To do Research works."

Jyothilakshmi Rajan

Research Interest: Protecting the extict Myristica malabarica

Why OAR: "To conserve our Biodiversity."

Rakesh Radhakrishnan

Research Interest: Is there dark photons?

Why OAR: "Science is something to be discovered. Not to be invented. This is a chance to discover something new."

Adarsh PK

Research Interest: Energy harvesting from lightning

Why OAR: "It would be great opportunity for me to meet young researchers and get guidence from them which will help me in future research. I think this workshop can help me in exploring science and expanding my knowledge."

Ananthu NK

Research Interest: How to remove noise of interest?

Why OAR: "To hear interesting questions from others and to find next step for my question."