Expedition #1

Uttarakhand Edition

Retreat is on 26 Jan 2021

Deadline to apply is before 21 Dec 2021

Click on the poster to obtain a PDF. Please feel free to download the poster and distribute it.

Location: Ekeshwar, Uttarakhand.


Demand assessment of technology for dissemination and well-being of Himalayan villagers

List of unrestricted projects

  • Interviewing villagers

  • Villages near the water resources

  • Why are they reluctant to practice agriculture

  • Terrain topography and water supply from source

  • Making lands useable to generate sustainable economy

  • Making transport occupation sustainable

  • Are solar plant companies helping their livelihood?

  • Plastics littering needs to be cleaned up

  • Fully biodegradable plant-based plastic making

  • Experimental tolling for visitors generative wastes

  • Evaluation of fluid dynamics of air and water in Himalayan terrain

  • Air sample collection to determine radioisotopes science

  • Air quality monitoring with DYI and PoC kit

  • Science education and empowering - skill generation


Dr Sumantra Pal, Indian Economic Service and University of Leeds <RCT, social science>

Sumantra Pal has been a member of the Indian Economic Service for the past two decades. At present, he is an Economic Adviser to the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics (1998) from the Delhi School of Economics, and a Master’s degree in Public Policy (2015) from the National Graduate Institute of Policy Studies (GRIPS) Tokyo, Japan. He holds a Ph.D. in development economics (2020) from the South Asia Institute at Heidelberg University, Germany. His research interests include field experiments, the economics of gender and social norms, and policy evaluation. Having worked in government, he is keen on bridging the gap between academia and policymakers by forging collaborations between bureaucrats and researchers. Besides policymaking and research, he enjoys cooking and hiking.

Awnish Kumar, Amazon <social innovation, mechanical engineering>

Over 7 years of Product Design & Development experience of working with global cross-functional teams, with expertise in solving problems using six sigma approach. Scout the biggest problem statement which can be solved with a product in realm of education or healthcare. It could something as simple as cardboard based desk, podcast on a unique frequency of radio, a capsule of Vitamin B12, Heaptisis B cure. He worked as Visionet Systems Limited as Director of Client Success and Cummins Turbo Technologies as Senior Product Engineer. He won NASA Systems Engineering Award, first time ever by an Indian team SAE Aero design West, March 2011, Texas for system engineering while designing and fabricating two Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Mergers and Acquisitions: Evaluated the various aspect of Atos-Syntel Mergers, using Monte Carlo analysis for multiple scenarios. Performance Management System: Designed a performance management system to cater to the dynamic needs of Ithaka, a travel-based startup. Doing Business in China (Guanghua School of Management, Peking University): Devised strategy for introducing Edelweiss in China. MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and B.Tech (Hons.) in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur.

Dr Siddharth Ghosh, University of Cambridge, <physics, biotechnology, mechanical engineering>

Siddharth is a Royal Society Exceptional Talent and German Research Foundation Fellow at the University of Cambridge. He leads an independent academic research program. He is also a St John's College Research Associate by Fellow at the University of Cambridge and a Visiting Researcher at the Leiden Institute of Physics and High Field Magnetic Lab, Nijmegen. He was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Leiden Institute of Physics. During his postdoctoral stay at Utrecht in the Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science OAR was conceived. He is the Chief Scientific Officer and a Director of the International Center for Nanodevices.