Empowering Indian Public with Academic Research

Researchers: Sam Thomas, Chinmay KV, Varghese Kurian, VS Nihal, and Subham Ghosh.

OAR Members: Moumita Ghosh, Abhilash Asok, Nikhil Hajirnis, Balasubrah maniyam M, and Siddharth Ghosh.

Collaborator: Ian Harvey

India, the largest democracy and the 10th largest economy of the world suffer from poor healthcare. Considering the fact that only recently science communication has been taken seriously and the larger context in English due to platforms like YouTube, March for Science, and World Science Festival, 78% of the population of a country like India are hardly receiving any science. Approximately, 12% of the population of India speaks English. Having access to the internet, even sometimes 12% of English speaking population frequently faces difficulty in malpractice healthcare systems. We propose to improve and aim to solve this problem by developing didactic public teaching program with advanced but low cost biologically relevant scientific experiments in vernacular languages like Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, and Bengali. We will work with advanced researchers, psychologists, and science teachers like Ian Harvey. Ian has a significant contribution in a Wellcome Trust funded project called TeamDeploy for making Sierra Leone ebola free. He has demonstrated that how didactic public teaching and awareness is important alongside performing diagnosis. Ian has provided all the teaching modules and reports, which will be one of the most crucial resources to us while developing region-specific teaching modules in India.

Status: PostScope has been built, tested, and advanced tests being conducted. An old electron microscope is acquired. Theoretical model of the electron microscopy methods has been discussed and being implemented.

Tenure of the project: January 2020 - December 2022.