Winter Research Workshop 2018-19

A curiosity driven research camp for free-thinkers

Application deadline extended to 25th Nov 2018

  • What: Do you have questions about nature and curious about the way things are? Ask an interesting question, come up with a reasoning of yours and we will help you reach a solution. Join us with an open mindset.

  • For whom: Higher secondary and undergraduate students.

  • When: 27th December 2018 to 2nd January 2019.

  • Where: Pondicherry, India.

We seek curious students who can think out of the box, without any bias about your mother tongue, gender or educational background. A limited number of travel assistance will be considered on need cum merit basis. Participants will be provided resources for their projects, accommodation and meals.

Open Academic Research is a group of academic researchers from diverse backgrounds who practice science for living. The details about OAR mentors are available in the webpage and free thinkers are requested to check their research interests. Finding a mentor whose research interests align with your questions would be mutually beneficial.

Selection process:

  • Step 1: Send us your question and short proposals. Pay online application fee of 100 INR.

  • Step 2: You will be invited for the 2nd step by 25th Nov. We want to know about your basic skills. Please don't be scared we ask simple questions which enable you to think.

  • Step 3: Personal interview to discuss the project with your mentors. In this step, if we find your project is not truly yours the application could be rejected. We do not encourage pre-discussed projects with your teachers. However, if your mentor is convinced with the idea and sufficient explanation is given about the support/pre-discussion/collaboration, we may also consider your project. The main criteria is you should be fully OPEN to us about the project.

  • Step 4: Selected candidates pay the cost of workshop and accept the terms and conditions. Cost of the workshop: INR 4000 (including food and accommodation). Financial assistance available if needed.

  • Step 5: We email you the details of arrival and other necessary information about the workshop.

Announcement - CC license - please feel free to download, print, and distribute the file.