Creative Minds' Meeting: This meeting is dedicated for OAR Creative Thinkers. Every two months we meet to discuss about any research or project related questions, career related questions, any new research publication related questions, and any other general intellectual discussion. This meeting will enable all our Creative Thinkers to be connected together. The Representative of Creative Thinkers will collect the questions beforehand and will chair (alternate manner) the meeting to keep the duration not more than two hours. In this meeting, OAR members will also join to answer your questions.

Members' Research Meeting: This meeting is for advanced discussion among OAR Members for their collaborative research works. Every meeting is chaired by different members by collecting the research questions beforehand - the duration of the meeting is not more than two hours. OAR Creative Thinkers are free to join as well if they want.

How the meetings are held: Skype meetings are held either on Saturday or Sunday at 2 PM (CET) based on availability of majority decided using Doodle. For example, 'Creative Minds' Meet March 2019' will be held either on 2nd March or 3rd March both the dates contain the same Doodle. Interested persons enter their availability.