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Flexible electronics for wearable: Focus Healthcare and Textile

DR SAMIT CHAKRABARTY, University of Leeds; DR SIDDHARTH GHOSH, University of Cambridge | 11:00 AM GMT (4:30 PM IST) on 17 Dec 2021 (ZOOM MEETING ROOM)

Public outreach

An excursion to grass-root

Demand assessment for a Scheme for Promotion of Innovation, Rural Industries and Entrepreneurship (ASPIRE) by DR SUMANTRA PAL, IES/ADVISOR, GOVT. OF INDIA; DR SIDDHARTH GHOSH, DFG FELLOW AT CAMBRIDGE; AWNISH KUMAR, IIM-A ALUM | 26 Dec 2021 to 4 Jan 2022 | Ekeshwar, Uttarakhand (APPLY)

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We welcome everyone who is interested in education and academic research irrespective of academic background, socioeconomic background, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and nationality. We are open to new ideas and creating a disciplined research practise out of that new ideas.


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We do not want to predict the future of our creative thinkers and fellows. The Group is built upon 'bright minds for a bright future'.


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